Assignment 2

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The DAW program that I used is Bandlab and it is free. I simply had a variety of sounds to choose from and selected a loop with percussions. I added and deleted different sounds but chose to keep my loop simple. Once I was satisfied with my loop, I extended the loop to three minutes. I had the option to save my three-minute loop and download it. I recommend downloading as a MP3 file as it is easier to upload. However, I was looking for a tutorial on the Bandlab and did not find instructions on how to edit the loop for song. Since the website is free the options are somewhat limited. I apologize for not being able to complete the final detail, but I look forward to researching this option. Creating music via a website requires creativity and technological savviness. I must admit creating music requires a lot of creative skill and attention to detail. Finally, using modern technology such as the DAW website is a legitimate tool to create music.