Assignment 6

 To humanize is to create technology which goes beyond pure functionality to create pleasurable interaction, such as through creating musical pieces with Sample stitch. Technological advances have allowed for human creativity to expand and allow for the creation of music. For music to be original and unique, it has to be an idea you have come up with on your own. This could be anything from a chord progression to an electronic beat to a vocal melody. Music sampling happens when artists reuse previously recorded material and apply it to new music. Sampling is copy and pasting the actual recording or digital sound into a new recording.

   What was very challenging about Sample Stitch was trying to upload the ten second sample sound onto my blog for this assignment. I was unable to even though I saved the sample as an MP3 file. I utilized a voice recording application on my cell phone and recorded the sample and uploaded as an MP3. Perhaps there is a way to upload it but I had a lot of difficulty. Sample stitch is not free so be sure to cancel your subscription before the thirty-day free trial ends. Sample Stitch was very simple to use and it was enjoyable. I was very disappointed when I could not upload my musical piece.